Protexa Achieves New Installation Method For First Time in Mexico

Grupo Protexa successfully applied an offshore transportation and installation methodology used in Mexico for the first time. The contractor reached this landmark achievement during the installation of the ESAH-A platform for PEMEX.

The ESAH-A superstructure was transported offshore through an innovative methodology that allowed the weight of the platform to be reduced during offshore movement, greatly simplifying the complexity and reducing costs involved in the operation. The weight of the platform was first reduced from 1,830 tons to 1,514 tons. This facilitated its transportation to the coast of Campeche, where it had to be hoisted onto a submersible called “Fénix”. However, prior to this, the crane that transported the structure on land was submerged 20 meters, reducing the weight of the platform further to 1,280 tons, facilitating its transportation onto Fénix. A structural base composed of various metals, sands and other materials was placed under the crane before it was submerged to prevent it from sinking into the sea floor. This is the first time in Mexico that an offshore transportation and installation process is achieved in this manner. 

“This technique that we used opens the door for new projects that require more advanced engineering that Protexa can provide,” said Sergio Charles, Director of Grupo Protexa’s Strategic Relations.    

This is not the first new benchmark established by Grupo Protexa. In July 2021, it was reported that Protexa drilled the offshore well Yaxché 600 for PEMEX in record time. The well was drilled in 24 days, reaching speeds of 188m per day, well above the original forecast of 150m per day, and breaking national records. This well was part of the Cluster 4 series of service contracts that Protexa has been executing for the NOC, specifically the fifth of nine total wells that will be drilled by Protexa as part of its commitments to this cluster.

These achievements are aligned with Protexa’s strategy as highlighted by CEO Rodrigo Lobo in the interview he granted to MBN. “There is going to be serious demand for the type of performance that we have delivered. Beyond that, we are now being approached to fulfill many more integrated contracts. We used to deliver all projects through separate contracts, but the shift towards integrated contracts is offering new opportunities. If we continue to outperform on these integrated contracts, then we will continue to be the best choice not only for PEMEX but also for international companies entering the market


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