Business Insurance

Company Insurance

  • All risk building insurance (insurance against all risk at work)
  • Contractor general liability insurance
  • Contractor equipment and mobile heavy machinery (fee and special deductibles)
  • Erection all risks (ear) insurance
  • General liability
  • Cars, pick ups, light trucks, heavy trucks and tractocamiones (fleet or individual)
  • Major medical expenses group / collective individual family medical expenses
  • Group life insurance / collective
  • Individual life insurance (key man, partners)
  • Individual and collective accidents and disabilities
  • Companies (hotels, offices, warehouse, subsidiaries.)
  • All risk cargo insurance
  • Containers commercial vessels (fishing, tourism, jet ski Rent, sports boats, yachts)
  • P & I (protection and indemnity)
  • Travel insurance
  • Pupil personal accident insurance
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