Maritime and Energy Sector

We have a team of specialist & professionals in reinsurance and great risks.
We work hands with national and international reinsurers and brokers.
We specialize in the placement and administration of maritime risks

  • Hull and machinery insurance
  • P&I (protection and indemnity)
  • Port and terminal insurance
  • Civil liability insurance work ocean coast
  • Civil liability insurance charters
  • All risk cargo insurance
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All Mexican insurance companies rely on the international market of (re) insurers and specialist brokers to “access” the capacity required for the insurances of boats.
We recognize the need for international markets and encourages the approchement between the insured, the international specialized reinsurance intermediary and the Reinsurers as well as Protection and indemnity Clubs.
It is also understood the frustration caused by the extra costs incurred as a result of the long chain of intermediaries involved in this type of placements to which Mexican policyholders are normally subject. We commit ourselves to establish clear functions for the participating intermediaries in order to ensure intermediation fees stay within.
Thanks to an agreement with our correspondents the international standars, we can commit ourselves to the fact that during the process no additional intermediation costs will be added to the premium.
The premiums offered are not higher than those offered by the international reinsurance markets.
In view of the current globalization, we see no reason why the Maritime and Energy Industry in Mexico has to face a disadvantageous position compared to its international competitors.

We understand the needs of the Mexican Maritime Industry, which is why, together with our international correspondents, we commit ourselves to provide:

  • 24/7 service
  • Specialized technical support
We are committed to provide, without cost, an annual training seminar on the mechanisms of the international insurance market, loss prevention techniques and the coverage provided by subscribers, international lawyers, Protection and indemnity Clubs and maritime and energy consultants, for the benefit of its insured and directed to the staff members who are in charge of these issues.

Considering that the Insurance for Hull and Machinery involves the strategic transfer of Risk, the structure that must be taken into account is determined and therefore the following points will be considered:

  • The insured’s appetite for risk retention
  • The bases of asset valuation
  • Market value
  • Replacement value
  • Other bases, for example, if a higher value is considered because the vessel is specialized
  • Distribution of insured amounts between helmet interests
    Historical accident rate
    Responsibility options such as boarding, fixed and floating objects in the Helmet Section.
  • The policy of the insured’s purchase is based on cost or long-term relationships, according to the stability of the price and the distribution of incentives reached for longer terms.
  • Potential to vary or introduce new markets

Also check the Reinsurance in detail to see its: Financial security, Ability to pay claims, Your inclination to pay claims, Your reputation to pay claims expeditiously, Existing market relationships, etc.

The strategic objectives will be kept under continuous review and checked regularly.